oil portraits

"A portrait transcends beyond the merely visual to be part of a certain moment in our life that shows us as we are."

Now you can order your own portrait in oil on canvas and in this innovative circular format that gives it a personal, different and unique character.

Sizes and prices

Diameter        1 face        2 faces

20 Ø                  80€              -
30 Ø                180€      +    45€
40 Ø                320€      +    80€
50 Ø                500€      +   125€
60 Ø                720€      +   180€
70 Ø                980€      +   245€
80 Ø               1280€     +   320€


Delivery and shipping time


Delivery will take place between 2 and 3 weeks from the order confirmation.
The portrait will be mailed. Depending on the destination, it can take up to 7 days.

Payment method

PayPal, Verse, Bizum or Bank transfer.
The total amount will be the order confirmation.


The photography must meet the following requirements:


- Close-up photography (head to shoulder)
- Good resolution.
- Preferably from the front and with the mouth closed.
- The background is not relevant because it will be replaced by a plain color of your choice.

Shipping Address:

Telephone: 629689545 (Rous)

* Shipping costs of the piece will be apart.